• Tire valve TR414
  • Tire valve TR414
  • Tire valve TR414
  • Tire valve TR414

Tire valve TR414

Manufacture: LongRun Automotive
Name: Snap-in tire valve TR414
Code: TR414
Openning In Rim: ø11,3 mm (+0,4 mm)
 Base Width: 19 mm
Total Height: 50 mm
Height From Rim: 40 mm
Application passenger cars
ETRTO Code: V2.03.2
Condition: New

Technical Data

Product Tags

● Industry Valve Code: TR414
● TR414 tire valve stems are made of aluminum, stem zinc valve cores and nature rubber,100% leak tested
● Gemany quality standard and high quality is guaranteed; Providing safe tire system and safe driving
● Max Inflation Pressure (PSI): 65 PSI
● Designed for wheel rim holes 11.5 (.453 dia)

Drawing Details

Microsoft Word - CHN 372.en.DOC

Packing Details

Packing: 100Pcs/Bag,10bags/carton
Net Weight 0.7kg/Bag
Gross Weight 0.71/Bag


TR414 made of nature rubber and aluminum stem with zinc core, air leak test with 8MPand pulling test at more than 700N,Tubeless rubber snap-in valves allow a maximum pressure of 65 psi and are designed for passenger car, light-duty trailer and light truck applications, as well as are suitable for use in autocross competition. These rubber snap-in valves are available to fit 0.453" diameter holes in the rim and the effective lengths are 1.5"

During use, tire valves may be impacted and corroded by the outside world, causing abnormal aging or deformation. in such stuiation, it is recommended that car owners replace the tire valves in time to ensure normal tire pressure. So how often should car tire valves be replaced?

Under normal circumstances, the car tire valve is replaced every 3 to 4 years. Its main function is to inflate and deflate the tire while ensuring the sealing of the tire after inflation.

When the vehicle is in daily use, pay more attention to the color change of the valve. If the valve turns dark red, it means that the valve has been seriously aged; if it is not replaced, it will not be able to seal the tires well. It is easy to have a risk of air leakage or tire blowout, leading to accidents. Therefore, during the use of the vehicle, it is necessary to replace aging parts in a timely manner.

production process

production process

Shipping details

Leading time 10-15 days
Loading port: Tianjin
Shipping method: By sea For LCL and Full containers
  By air For LCL and Full containers
  By Truck For Inland transportation

About Us

Longrun provides the best solution for every requirement.
High-quality LONRUN tire valve made of passenger car rubber perfectly match the rim.they have been tested and manufactured to the specifications of automotive valve OEMs. Snap-in tire valves are available on all models and on all the steel and aluminum rims.
If you sell or service tires, you know the importance of replacing tire valves. These tr414 Snap-On rubber valves are made of high-quality Nature rubber with alumimum threads and pre-installed valve cores that provide a maximum inflation pressure of 65 psi. They are designed to fit 0.453" holes in wheels and rims and are 1.25" long. Great for replacing old and cracked rods on tubeless tires. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require tire valves to be replaced every time a new tire is installed. So don't forget to stock up on these essential tire accessories!


Q1: How to control the Tire valves tr414 quality?
There are 100% air leak test, pulling strength test each lots every day.

Q2: Can you provide OEM and ODM service?
Yes,of course, We work on customized tire valves as per clients request.

Q3: Shipping Method and Shipping Time?
1) Shipping time is about 30 days depends on country and area.

Q4: What is the MOQ for your production?
We don’t have MOQ request.

Q5. How to pay in case of order tire vavles?
We accept T/T and L/C , 100% payment for little value bill; 30% deposit and 70% before shipping for big value bill.

Q6. What is the warranty of tire valves tr414?
We offer the warranty of 8 months.

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