Where to put wheel weights on rim?

Wheel weights are used to balance wheel and tire assemblies in vehicles. Let’s figure out where to put the stick on the wheel weight below.

Car tires are the only contact surface when driving on the road. A well-balanced car tire has an even weight distribution around the tire. Wheel balancing has many advantages, e.g. B. It prevents the vehicle from vibrating or shaking. You will have no problem driving your car.
All tires look perfect, especially the new ones. But it’s not true. New tires are defective and can cause serious problems when driving on the road at high speeds. It is therefore necessary to balance new tires before fitting them.

You can check your owner’s manual for how often you should balance your tires. However, if you drive on bumpy roads, you will need to balance the tires more often than before.

To do this job you will need a wheel balancer, which you can find at a tire store or any auto repair shop. But to use it you need to know where to place the wheel weight.

If you look at your mechanic he will hold the tire on the car and note where the tire is out of balance. Then they positioned the wheel from the center to the outer edge and applied the same pressure everywhere.

Post time: Oct-17-2022

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