What is the wheel weight price trend in 2023

In 2022, the covid-19 make business hard because of transports made export difficult, before 2019, from cangzhou to Tianjin loading port only 1400RMB each container, but in 2021, it has rised to 1600rmb, now it is already 1800 RMB.

The raw material cost rises always during the past three years, in 2019, the steel raw material hot roll would be 3700rmb/ton, in 2022, it is 5300RMB, there is also have the transportation cost from Tianjin to Cangzhou because most of the steel raw bough in Tianjin, of course, we can buy in Handan, but Handan transportation fee also high

Some of Russia wheel weight clients send me picture with box writing with Foshan longrui import & export company limited on box and carton label and ask me whether I can offer lower price than or same as Foshan longrui import and export company limited, I told them that although I don’t know how much Foshan longrui wheel weights they sell, but different quality has different price, price is not a problem when clients give us their target price.

Actually,there are a lot of company who export to Russia market, Blears and East Europe market, such as Cangzhou Anbang Wheel Weights Co.,ltd., this factory mainly produces the adhesive weights and clip on wheel weights with high quality and always get repeat orders from Europe clients

Then how are the wheel weight price in 2023, frankly speaking, the wheel weight price always change,but trend maybe rise. The best way of you have better price from us is always to inquiry us because our price mainly affected by steel raw material, the price may has a 0.2$/box during one week, we encourage clients always ask for price from our company, we are always send price list to clients if we have the mail.

Post time: Nov-28-2022

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