Self-Adhesive Weights: how to correct installation for accurate balancing?

Any tire dealer knows that wheel weights are the most important part of the balancing process. Without them, the wheel balancing process would be incomplete!

Depending on the tire being balanced, steel or alloy, there are two main options that installers can use: wheel counterweights and adhesive counterweights. Cars, motorcycles and trucks with alloy wheels require self-adhesive weights to complete the process without damaging the wheels.

In today’s blog we will focus on these types of scales:
One of the best selling consumables for Longrun Auto.
Our self-adhesive counterweights, also called adhesive counterweights, remain one of the most popular products in our manufactory.
Not only because of the growing demand for balanced alloy wheels in recent years, but also because of our competitive prices and easy bulk ordering.
So you bought yourself some quality self-adhesive wheel weights but aren’t sure you’ve ever shown yourself how to use them?
One of the most obvious steps is to set up a reliable wheel balancer correctly. This often helps you complete the entire process quickly and accurately.
The first step to properly installing wheel weights involves using a wheel balancer. Determine exactly where you want to place your weight, whether it’s a manual balancer or a more advanced laser precision balancer. Before loading the wheel with a load, make sure that the mounting location is clean so that there is a secure connection between the wheel and the load.
Your balancer will determine the correct size for the required weight. Remove the protective plastic film, being careful not to touch the sticker. Attach weights with even pressure inside the wheel to ensure a secure fit.
If necessary, perform a sling test on the balancer to ensure the correct weight and position is achieved. You have now balanced the wheel.
Not sure what you need or want to speak to someone? We are experts at helping customers find the right balancing materials and wheel weights for their auto repair shop.
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Post time: Oct-17-2022

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